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Step Two: California vs NDAA Indefinite Detention

Originally posted on the national Tenther Blog by Michael Boldin:

Now that the dust has settled a bit after Jerry Brown signed AB351 into law, it’s important to ask, what’s next?

If you thought the work was done and California would be “indefinite-detention” free, you thought wrong. The passage of the California Liberty Preservation Act was an important first step towards the nullification of federal indefinite detention practices in the state, but not the last one.

This advice from Samuel Adams probably sums it up best:

“Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance.”

The enemies of liberty will not rest, and neither can we.


AB351 now makes it “state policy” to reject “indefinite detention” powers from the federal government.   It reads, in part: Continue Reading →

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Coverage for AB-351 is Headed Mainstream

The following is a copy/paste job from the national Tenther Blog:

“More Positive Media Coverage for California AB351”
by Michael Boldin

As a follow up to my earlier blog on the subject of good alternative media coverage, here’s an update.

Even more coverage, including two from some of the bigger players in alternative media – almost mainstream media. The passage of AB351 in California is definitely making the rounds. Learn about the bill here.

Huffington Post


The New American


Personal Liberty Digest


And finally, while the Inquisitr didn’t cite the TAC, they certainly mentioned a few of our talking points, and even called the new bill a “nullification law.” Nice.

Read the original post here.

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NULLIFORNIA: AB-351 Signed by Governor Brown, CA Won’t Comply with NDAA Indefinite Detention

Assembly Bill 351, commonly called the California Liberty Preservation Act, has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown making it statewide policy to refuse compliance with federal attempts to enforce “indefinite detention” made famous by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). What began as a marginal issue with little legislative support has unified Californians of all persuasions and brought attention to the proper role the people and their states play in a constitutional republic.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly first introduced AB-351 in February after various grassroots coalitions won their efforts to condemn “indefinite detention” (government kidnapping) in the form of resolutions in San Francisco, Berkeley, Fairfax, and Santa Cruz, while still more organized in Los Angeles and elsewhere. These coalitions included 99%ers, the CA Libertarian Party, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, CA Republican Liberty Caucus, ACLU, Oath Keepers, and more. Despite this organic, spontaneous cooperation Donnelly couldn’t find a single ally in the California legislature for the bill. That was, until members of the mentioned organizations showed up to testify at AB-351’s first committee hearing.

At the Assembly Public Safety Committee, Chairman Tom Ammiano, widely considered the most progressive Democratic CA Assemblyman told Donnelly, the most conservative Republican that “you have found a zone we are all in.” AB-351 passed out of committee unanimously.

The “Habeas Corpus” bill, as AB-351 came to be known, surprised many as its support snowballed. Californians answered Action Alerts, strategized together on Facebook, and utilized every means at their disposal. It passed unanimously off the State Senate floor as well.

California is not the first state people think of when talking states’ rights and the 10th Amendment, but that should change after this historic victory.

Alaska and Virginia have also passed similar legislation. Will your state be next? Check out the Liberty Preservation Act model legislation ready to be introduced in the next session.

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CA State Senator Tweets Against the #NSA

Constitution Day might well be better named Lip Service Day when it comes to how politicians pay recognition. One California state senator, however, took the opportunity last week to remind his Facebook and Twitter followers that the day isn’t just for celebration.

State Senator Ted Lieu, Chair of the Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development, does not like the NSA very much. Perhaps he doesn’t realize his inherent power to nullify their transgressions on the 4th Amendment rights of his constituents, but he made sure the world knew his view of the NSA’s secret surveillance in contrast to the meaning of Constitution Day on September 17.

Here are a couple screenshots of his recent tweets:


(Oh, and this next one I actually replied to! I thought he might be interested in the 4th Amendment Preservation Act, right?)


And just in case he wasn’t making his point clear enough, Lieu took to Facebook where he could expand on those <140 character posts. He writes, "On Constitution Day, it is important to remember that the Fourth Amendment protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. It is irrelevant under our Constitution what government does or does not do with the private information it acquires. The Fourth Amendment protects your privacy by keeping government from getting the private information in the first place. The National Security Agency is thus violating the Fourth Amendment on a massive scale."


Earlier this year, State Senator Ted Lieu voted in favor of California’s Liberty Preservation Act Assembly Bill 351, designed to make this state’s policy towards NDAA “indefinite detention” one of non-compliance. Hopefully he will take a leading role in the latest attack on civil liberties from the feds by introducing the 4th Amendment Preservation Act. And who knows, we might just see a California legislator get #NullifyNSA trending!

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Critical California Action Alert: Call Governor Brown, Pass AB 351 to Help Stop “Indefinite Detention”

California’s Liberty Preservation Act, Assembly Bill 351, sets out a statewide policy of non-compliance with any “indefinite detention” efforts by the federal government, regardless of what “law” codifies such authority.

AB 351 passed the Assembly 71-1 and then the State Senate approved the measure unanimously.

Now it’s time Californians call Gov. Jerry Brown and demand he protect civil rights, due process and Habeas Corpus by signing off on AB 351, making it the law of the land in the Golden State. It is imperative that the grassroots not give up their role yet, since it is highly likely Governor Brown is receiving advice to exercise his veto power.

ACTION STEPS for California Residents:

1. Call Governor Jerry Brown. California residents are strongly encouraged to call Governor Jerry Brown immediately to request final passage of AB 351.

***Call Jerry Brown’s office: (916) 445-2841

Secondary means of contacting the Governor:
Fax (916) 558-3160
Email him via his website.
Tweet @JerryBrownGov using hashtag #AB351

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