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A Great Victory for Constitution Lovers Everywhere….

The jury took only 90 minutes to acquit Sheriff Nick Finch, seeing through this attempt of political assassination.

Nick Finch, the duty elected Sheriff of Liberty County, Florida has been run out of office, suspended without pay and arrested for refusing to deprive Floyd Eugene Parrish of his Second Amendment Rights.

According to court records reveal that the case against Sheriff Finch began when Floyd Parrish was arrested on March 8, 2013 for carrying a concealed weapon. Sergeant James Hoagland of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office arrested Parrish after pulling him over and finding a loaded pistol in his pocket. Parrish was booked into the Liberty County jail and put into a holding cell, while administrative officers began working up processing documents.

Court records reveal that Sergeant Hoagland left the jail, Sheriff Finch arrived with a member of Parrish’s family and was present while the family member visited Parrish  still in the holding cell. Sheriff Finch than allegedly seized the arrest documents applied “White Out” over his name, released Parrish, and informed him that no charges would be filled against him.

The complaint against Sheriff Finch alleges that Sergeant Hoagland informed (FDLE) Florida Department Law Enforcement agents investigating the case against Finch that he (Hoagland) talked to Finch about the Parrish case and Finch said: “He believes in Second Amendment Rights.”

The out cry from the establishment focused on the irregularity of Finch erasing of Parrish  name from the arrest log. A hearing on October 3, 2013 the State Attorney acknowledged that has been common practice to “White Out” names from the jail log of people released since 2005.

Upon learning of the incident Governor Rick Scott immediately suspended Sheriff Finch and appointed Carl Causey as agent in charge of the (FDLE) Florida Department Law Enforcement as intern Sheriff. Governor Scott actions are nowhere authorized by the Florida Constitution. Sheriff Finch is only answerable to those who elected him to serve as there sheriff.  Finch was never aloud to talk to the (FDLE)  about the Parrish case with them.

So in June Finch was arrested after being charged with misconduct based on his alleged altering an destroying of official  court documents. Finch was booked and released on his own recognizance. Also Floyd Parrish was rearrested on the same charges as before.

So we go to October 29, 2013 the trail begins and the judge denied the Sheriff motion to dismiss.

On October 31, 2013 court day reading of the charges and complete laughter in the court room prosecution presented it’s flimsy case, and the charges were complete nonsense.

A jury of six Liberty County citizens nullified the charges against Sheriff Finch and told the State Officials who brought this case  to trail that they were not having none of there shenanigans.

Just 15 minutes later Sheriff Finch was reinstated as sheriff of Liberty County. And charges against Mr. Parrish were dropped, but was given 50 hours of community service and  fined $200.

Liberty won on Halloween Day in Liberty County!

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